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  • Program Overview

    UF’s online Veterinary Forensic Sciences Graduate Program offers an online master's degree and online graduate certificate to professionals working in forensic medicine and veterinary sciences.

    Both programs prepare students for animal crime scene processing, handling and interpreting forensic evidence, and other skills that will help secure justice for victims of animal cruelty.

    World-Class Faculty

    Students will learn from experienced faculty who specialize in forensic entomology, crime scene investigation, pathology, psychology, and animal forensic science. The UF Veterinary Forensic Sciences Program faculty members have worked with law enforcement and animal protection agencies as crime scene analysts, archaeologists, medical death investigators, emergency veterinarians, legal advisors, and more.

    Online Master's Degree in Veterinary Forensic Sciences

    The Master of Science in Veterinary Forensic Sciences is designed for professionals who are interested in moving up in their careers. The comprehensive program includes:

    • Five 3-credit core classes covering animal forensic investigation and the presentation of evidence
    • Five 3-credit electives in a number of subjects, such as animal law, wildlife conservation and forensic science, forensic animal behavior and welfare, and more

    Most courses are online and can be completed from the comfort of your home. There is one campus visit required to complete the special topics course and a comprehensive final examination.

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    Online Graduate Certificate in Veterinary Forensic Sciences

    Graduate certificate students take five 3-credit core classes covering the different aspects of animal forensic investigation. These skills can help students advance their career and will be immediately applicable to their work in veterinary forensic sciences.

    If students in the graduate certificate program decide to pursue UF’s online master’s in veterinary forensic sciences later, credits are transferable. The student must be admitted to the master’s degree program, and must have earned a grade of “B” or higher in the courses.

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